Bits and pieces . . .

Some parts of the Italia are more easily replaced than others. Everything about the drivetrain other than the radiator is pretty standard TR3. The body is, of course, hand-made. The surprising thing here is that if it was made by hand once, it can be remade. It would be much more difficult to match a machine stamped part if you were trying to recreate it by hand.

Recently, a number of owners had the rare Carello taillight lenses reproduced (now all sold) and the front windshield glass and rubber remanufactured. Many other original sources have been identified and, where possible, a supplier located.

Some parts are shared with the Lancia Appia Vignale which, unfortunately, is almost as rare as the Italia. Other parts were used on some Maserati, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo models. Because of their limited production status, these parts bring very high prices. As an example, the ashtray from the production cars was used on contemporary Ferraris and is occasionally available for around $450.


Now where did I put that . . .

You've just bought a huge pile of parts that were once a complete automobile. Somewhere along the line a well-intentioned owner took it to pieces. Now's the time to get serious and learn how to put that Lego set (or if you're as old as I am, Erector or Meccano set) back together. In the Member's Only section, we'll be adding detailed photos on how various parts are assembled. Right now there are photos of the disassembly of an original seat and an explanation of the different taillights used. Great reasons to become a member. Visit the Club page for details.

Also be sure to check Paul Harvey's Italia #215 Flickr page.


Italia Parts Suppliers

A short list of some Italia parts suppliers is available here. We make no recommendations and some parts are available from multiple sources. To quote another historian, "Choose wisely!" Also, you can gain access to rare parts through the club at special prices.


Rare Italia Parts reproduced!


While Franco Ragni is the original supplier, there appear to be two different designs of the "T.M. Triumph" badge used on the Italias. The badge that is straighter and has no periods is the early style. The alternate and later version of the "T.M. Triumph" badge is now available. The one from Franco Ragni has no periods between the "T" and "M," the top bar is straight and the badge starts right at the "T." The alternate version has a more rounded bar and the script is slightly heavier. This is now available in brass, ready to be chrome plated. Which do you use? Match the one on your car or, if it's missing, measure the holes. The Ragni badge has the mounts 120mm (just about 4 3/4 inches) apart. The alternate badge has the mounts 113mm apart (approximately 4 1/2 inches).

Mr. Paul Harvey has also sent along this photo of the alternate Italia 2000 badge. Yes, there were also two versions of this badge. The one on the left is the early style. We know that the change occured between Italia #194 and #195.

The two prototypes and the show cars had different badging from the remaining production run. One of the most obvious was the Vignale "V" badge used on the front of the cars. It's visible on the slope nose prototype, in the grille opening of the second prototype and on the nose of the show cars. It's plainly visible on the car inside the full color brochure (most likely Italia #1).

On the prototypes, the badges are black on the upper left and lower right and red on the upper right and lower left. This is reversed on the badges for the show cars. The one used on the show cars is also more rounded. This badge was recently found listed for a FIAT Abarth 500/600. We've never seen one on a FIAT but do let us know if you do.



Rubber has been reproduced using the original Italia pieces as the model and using the same material as used on ocean going yachts. The new rubber has been made due to the efforts of Mr. Graham Andrews. There is now only a very limited supply available, please contact Graham. Click here.

Door parts

Graham also had door handles and striker plates re-manufactured. All have now been sold. Contact Graham to be added to a wait list should an additional run of these catches be produced.

Carello Taillight lenses

We had the red and amber Carello taillight lenses re-manufactured. Unfortunately, all are now sold. As of this writing, the club has a small supply of some original, used lenses left. These will disappear quickly. Please contact Mr. Graham Andrews.

That's great but how do I get them?

The best way is to join the club. Your membership goes to help maintain the site and purchasing parts helps make others available. You can buy parts by contacting Mr. Graham Andrews. Italia Circolo members get a discount.