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These suppliers sell parts found on the Italia. Many parts were also used on period Alfas, Maseratis, Ferraris, Lancias and FIATs.


The Italia Circolo Parts Initiative

Graham Andrews, is the Italia Registrar for the TR Register and the man to contact about our clubs parts initiative. One of the main ideas behind the Italia 2000 Circolo is to develop a method of procuring many of the parts needed to restore an Italia, all from a central location. Up until now, finding parts could mean months searching the internet and various suppliers in the hopes of finding a match. Club members will also receive first notice of events and special invitations.


New Old Stock Vignale "Crossed flag" badges available!

New Old Stock Vignale-Crossed flag-badges

Graham has a small supply of these NOS badges at the fantastic price of £50 (roughly $70 or €64. Please note prices are subject to change.) per pair plus postage. Vignale used nautical flags to tie in the manufacturers name with his. Most start with the manufacturer and then the "V" flag for Vignale. On the Italia, the "V" is first and the second flag is an "S." This caused some confusion at first but it stands for "Standard-Triumph." They are not the same as those used on the Triumph Herald. While similar, a side by side comparison will show the obvious differences. Click the photo for a larger image. Contact Graham Andrews to order yours.


Stainless steel door catches SOLD OUT!

New stainless steel door catchesGraham Andrews had new door catches manufactured in stainless steel. Originals of the catches are impossible to find. The teeth on the originals, which were made from chrome-plated pot metal or aluminum, always wore away. The driver's door catch (Left-hand drive) was the first to wear and they have been unavailable for years. Contact Graham to be added to a wait list should an additional run of these catches be produced.



New production of Italia windscreens!

Windscreens are now being reproduced for us by Pilkington, the high quality automotive glass manufacturer. Pilkington's is the corporate parent of most of the old UK brands, including Triplex. Of course, for the Italia, they made a new mould from a sample original windscreen. Pilkington's can arrange delivery to other countries in the EU and even out to the US. Because of the possibility of the opening for your windscreen being a slightly different size, one of the joys of hand crafted bodywork, the windscreen may need to be trimmed slightly. Any good glass shop can trim the glass to fit. Be sure to tell the glass shop that they need to grind the glass NOT cut it. This can be done with a diamond-tipped bit in a dremel-type tool with a water mister (to cool down the bit and to keep the glass dust down). Please contact Graham Andrews.


Lights, rubber and other bits

Limited supply of rubber available!

These have been reproduced using the same type rubber used for ocean-going yachts. The front and rear screen rubber have the curves pre-formed in it for the best fit since the original. Please contact Graham for information.


Other suppliers

From the U.S.:


Heater vent rubber elbows. Item No.15315179. These are listed for a Maserati 3500 GT Coupè Touring 1957-65. They are expensive at $119 for three elbows but they are a direct match for the ones used on the Italia heater box (under the dash).

Side marker lights: $9 Not the highest quality but serviceable.

Windshield washer pump $14 and squirter nozzles (these, for FIAT 500, 600 and 850, are close but rounded not squared off as the originals).

Heater Fan Motor rubber mount. This is the propeller-shaped rubber mount that wraps around the heater fan motor holding it in place. As this was used on many cars, for the Italia you must cut along the indicated mould marks for the smaller diameter housing.

Mr.Fiat lists some rubber for the Italia but I have not tried it. Their listing for the trunk bump stops is incorrect (see Spitline in the "From Italy" section). I sent them a photo of the correct ones since their website doesn't always show the right part and they said they didn't have anything to match. The taillight gasket should just be white plastic trim that goes around the back edge of the fixture. Mr.Fiat also offers the "Triumph 2000" badge, keep in mind that this only belongs on the prototypes (slightly different version) and show cars.


832-632-9289, 832-632-9290, 832-632-9295. reOriginals prices tend to reflect their status as a supplier of rare Ferrari parts. They can supply the dashboard lights, front parking lights, the rubber vent hose for the heater (from the fan to the heater box).

Metropolitan Restoration Services

Rear Lucas taillight lenses

Lucas 523 for $35. Their website is a bit difficult to navigate and the pictures of the parts are on Flickr. Click here for a photo. Be aware that the Metropolitan taillight bezel is not the same as the Italia's.


Justin Jurgens offers a replica "Italia 2000" badge cut from stainless steel.

SOLD OUT! We also had the later style "T.M. Triumph" badge, that is not carried by Franco Ragni, reproduced. It was available in brass ready for plating. Contact us to be added to a wait list should another run be produced.

From The Netherlands:

Stainless steel bumpers offers stainless steel reproductions of the Italia bumpers. While stainless can be polished, if you'd like to make them look correct, it is possible to have stainless steel chrome plated.


From Italy:

Original badges

The original supplier is still in business and all badges (except the large Vignale "V" from the prototype and show cars) can be purchased from Franco Ragni S.r.l., Via Pr. Tommaso 49/f, 10125 Torino, Italy, Fax 011 39 11 6503163, Contact: Dr. Roberto Ragni.

Autoricambi d'Epoca

Ash tray (1111 and 801), squirter nozzles (4959, these are the correct style). Reproductions of the early style front parking/indicator lights (572), washer pump (1029), Vignale badge 159, Foredit washer bag (1308, this bag is very close to the original early style. The printed instructions should be in a circle rather than a rectangle) and 1290 (the small one on the top left of the photo is very similar to the later style). Ruffino went back to the early style for the TSF cars.

Boot/trunk bump stops: from FIAT 1100 103. Type TCA103 in the search box. Spitline changes their links too often to link directly.

From the UK:

Aluminum external lower door and wing trim.

Complete trim sets are offered at £1200 (appx. $1,530 US), inclusive of all necessary fixing hardware. Each set will be custom produced based on side panel measurements supplied by the owner, as dimensions differ from car-to-car. Interested owners are asked to contact Stuart Edwards at the Watermill Carriage Co Ltd.

Ricambio International Ltd

Windscreen washer pump: from FIAT 500

Side marker light: from FIAT 500 and 600

Graham Proffitt: Grille material

Graham Proffitt in the U.K. makes the correct grille material. We have identified two distinct versions of the grille material. The one used on the show cars was also used on the Maserati 3500 but, on the Italia, every other vertical bar is removed. For the production run, Ruffino had material stamped with a similar pattern. It has vertical uprights that are more rectangular than the early style and fewer horizontal bars. Graham can supply both styles. Approximately £110 per sheet as of this writing.

From Germany:

Hose Clamps

Heinrici-Klassik offers many parts for vintage and classic cars. They offer the correct strap-style hose clamps. These were used on the heater air tube and the heater hoses. While they offer many interesting parts, these are some other items that Italia owner Albrecht Heinrici recommends: for the male and female spade electrical connectors; a reproduction TR3 fuse box; a reproduction of the Lucas 6RA relay (used for the overdrive, etc.); original 1950's vintage spark plug hard plastic connectors; and a nice reproduction of a tool kit you might have found in a TR3 or Italia.