It's an even bigger hit now . . .

Interest in the Italia has surged in the last ten years. Now, it is not just a rare and beautiful Triumph, it is also being coveted for the hand-crafted Italian bodywork.

Modern day articles

Titles link to the article where possible. More soon . . .

Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, September 1980, contains a two-page report on Triumph prototypes.

TSOA Triumph Newsletter Vol. 26, Number 3, May/July 1980, has a tiny photo of me next to a row of TR4s at the Long Island Triumph concours. What does this have to do with Italias? In the "For Sale" section, an ad for Italia #3 by an earlier owner. Little did I know I would own it within a couple of years.

TSOA Triumph Newsletter Vol. 27, Number 1, Jan/February 1981, features a farewell to Michelotti.

Autoweek, June, 1981, features a long article on Italia #3 by a writer with a vivid imagination.

TSOA Triumph Newsletter Vol. 27, Number 3, July/September 1981, has a photo of Italia #3 at the Vintage Triumph Register National meet.

The Vintage Triumph #32, 1982, Vintage Triumph Register newsletter. A large, valiant effort by Robert Powers at a time when little was known about the Italia. The article should be read in that context. Also included is some identification information supplied by Steve Rossi.

Sporting Cars, February 1984, compares the Italia to the Sunbeam Venezia.

Sports and GT Market, July 1984, features an article on Italia #3.

Car Collector, March 1988, has a short article and a photo of #3.

Classic and Sports Car, August 1992, has a short article on the possibility of an Italia Register.

TR action, TR Register newsletter, #116, August 1994, features an article on Italia #264. Formerly David Tomlin's, once Italia Registrar for the TR Register.

British Car, June 1995, contains a comprehensive article, if I do say so myself.

Triumph World, August/September 1997, has an article on the Jörg von Appen's race prepared Italia.

Triumph over Triumph, December 1997/January 1998, contains an article I wrote about owning an Italia.

Auto d'Epoca, July/August 1998, has an article on an Italia in Italian!

British Car, August/September 2000, contains an article on Dave Hutchison's Italia, #194.

Triumph World, October/November 2001, has an article on Italia #250, modified Neil Revington (this is a real Italia, not a recreation).

Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, December 2001, has an article on the Italia modified by Revington.

Triumph Trumpeter, August 2004, the newsletter of the Triumph Register of America, Desert Center, has an article on Italias by Mike Cook (formerly of Jaguar Rover Triumph).

Sports & Exotic Car, November 2005, contains an article on Corey Sherman's Italia 58.

Collectible Automobile, August 2007, has an article featuring Tyrone Stoner's #195., March 2009, has an article about Tyrone Stoner's cars, 195, 322 and 326.

Classic and Sportscar, November, 2010, has an article on the car that is listed as #82. It must be a much earlier Italia, the chassis number would put it closer to being in amongst the first fifteen or twenty. Recently, a car with the correct Vignale body number badge for 82 has surfaced in Italy.

Classic and Sports Car, December 2012, has an article on the 2012 Italia meet in Germany by Italia #225 owner, Paul Williams.