Standard-Triumph 1959 Pathé Newsreel

Chassis for the Works cars, rally, race and show, were painted white. In the case of the race and rally cars, this was to assist in spotting any cracks that might develop in the frame. This white paint also applied to chassis sold for other uses, namely, the Italia. This film from 1959 shows multiple TR chassis being assembled alongside the chassis for the Atlas van. Most of the chassis are painted white while there are a few black painted TRs being assembled at the same time. At the end of the film you will see a TR3 body being mounted on a black chassis. Could these white chassis be intended for the Italia?

The timing would be correct as Ruffino ramped up orders in 1959. The sheer number of white chassis being assembled would also add to the possibility that these were intended for more than a few works cars. Look closely and you'll see the white chassis on the front and rear assembly line.

We are not positive if all Italia chassis were painted white or only the early cars. It’s difficult to tell on a finished car as the chassis were covered in a black undercoating by Ruffino. We believe that the last TSF chassis were painted black.

Anyone out there know the identity of the workers appearing in this film?


Not quite the star . . .

Italias have appeared in a few films. Some simply as a stand-in parked on the side of the road. We're scouring every late Fifities and early Sixties film. Let us know if you find any, too. Many thanks to Tyrone Stoner for passing these on and to the keen-eyed fellow that spotted them.

Drei wieße Birken

Drei wieße Birken film poster Drei wieße Birken, frame from the movie Drei wieße Birken, frame from the movie

Schon ist die Liebe am Königssee

Yes, that's an MGA but look in the background.

Schon ist die Liebe am Koniqsse, frame from the movie


Le motorizzate

Look, over there, at the curb.

Le motorizzate, frame from the movie