This site is strictly a personal collection of material acquired over many years. It is meant solely to assist owners, prospective owners and enthusiasts with information about this classic automobile. If you'd like to speak to someone about Italias, you should contact the Italia consultant closest to you.

In the U.K. Period photo of a show car Italia outside the Truin Motorshow 1959

The TR Register Italia Registrar: Mr. Graham Andrews.

In the U.S.

The Vintage Triumph Register Italia Consultant: Mr. Tyrone Stoner

In Europe

The European Italia Consultant: Mr. Leo Ranner

Triumph Italia Facebook page

A new addition to the resources available for Italia owners and fans. Visit the page to find the latest news about upcoming events, cars, owners and Italia information.


And for the occasional, especially interesting, photo, visit our page here.

British Motor Industry Heritage Trust

The British Motor Industry Heritage Trust maintains the archives from Standard-Triumph. When we scoured the microfilm, recorded the chassis numbers and, where possible, the engine numbers of the chassis shipped to Italy, we did so with the blessings of Anders Ditlev-Clausager and the staff at the Heritage Motor Centre. Once compiled, we submitted copies of all we had found to the staff. With this information, they can now supply owners with confirmation of the chassis/engine numbers and ship date to Italy for their Italia. If you'd like a Heritage certificate for your car, visit the museum's shop.

The Archivio Storico Michelotti

Michelotti archive by Edgardo Michelotti, Giovanni's son.

The Trofeo Lumezzane hill climb's history is maintained at this site. An Italia took part in the race on Sunday, September 3rd, 1961 at the Coppa R. Cantoni. This is the only verified entry of an Italia in a sanctioned racing event. Driving the Italia was Masillio Bonomi, a well-respected race driver who campaigned a number of cars in the Fifties and Sixties. kindly allowed us permission to include the photos from the race on the "Period Photos" page. Their site contains photographs, video and a history of the race and is well worth a visit.


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